Yorica Moments- Wardour Street London 

We walked down a quiet road near the busy Covent Garden and China Town area. Bright sunshine and summery outfits on display showing London at its best. Perched in a small turquoise shop with minimal frontage is this free from delight.

img-20180527-wa0005.jpgFor those of you who haven’t heard about Yorica, it is an ice-cream/frozen yogurt parlour where everything is free from egg, gluten, dairy and all vegan. They do not handle these allergens and therefore you can rest easy about cross contamination.

That and the fact their creations are damn tasty makes this a must visit! The ice cream was smooth and with lots of flavour choices and the waffles were probably the nicest I’ve ever tasted, warm and so good!


They have a few set combinations or you can make your own although like any ice-cream parlour extras cost money and this unfortunately is the only downfall and may put some people off. It was extremely expensive for a pudding or snack and was around £8 each. I however, think it was worth the money especially when you are put at ease about allergens and it was so tasty and filling.

Would definitely recommend, simply Free From heaven!

Check it out: http://www.yorica.com


Skin Care Update

La Roche Possay Products- Recommended by dermatologists

These have got me in an incredible routine, with products I trust to be the best for my skin type. They are gentle on the skin and leave it feeling fresh and not dry which I have found with other products aimed at spot prone skin.

Effaclar | La Roche-Posay (Singapore)

I struggled with the decision, weighing up the pros and cons but I am back on the pill (Yasmin).

When your confidence hits rock bottom and your skin starts to effect whether you want to leave the house, go for that job role or have that photo taken then seek medical help. A GP or Dermatologist can give you advise, ask them lots of questions and start a long process of finding what works for you.

So, normally you may start with a course of antibiotics, a contraceptive pill or topical cream and then if these have no effect you will then be asked if you’d like to take roaccutane which is really last resort when nothing else has worked and the decision to take it should not be taken lightly. It involves not drinking for 6 months, many have very dry skin while taking it and it can affect ones mental health although like many medical studies this isn’t as well researched as it should be. Research it, watch reviews on youtube, medical research etc to find out whether that is an option for you. Once you’ve taken the course you never have to again and your skin may be ‘cured’ from acne for good (with the usual hormonal breakout of your monthly cycle).

See a dermatologist. There is only so much a GP can tell you, dermatology is a specialism and these guys know what they are talking about. They can identify if products are irritating you skin, if you have any skin damage etc and then they can put you on the right path to get that clear glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

The Skin Care Bible an excellent short book written by a dermatologist that should answer lots of your questions if you are thinking of consulting your GP about your skin.

Don’t let your skin effect your self confidence and your happiness go and see your GP if nothing is helping. Make sure you exercise and have a good skin care routine, including removing make up at the end of each day. Disinfect your phone and wash your bed sheets/pillows regularly to contain germs.

Birch Box Subscription- BEST GIFT EVER!

Birch Box Subscription.. who would have thought a great present?!

One of the best presents I’ve ever received.

Such a great idea for the girl who has everything!

Try new products and find a new favourite.

I received a three month subscription for my birthday and it just turned up at my door each month.


The packaging is gorgeous and I would love to find a use for the now empty boxes as they are so pretty.

Link below to the site you can check it out for yourself



The Met Gala 2018- Thoughts, feelings, best dressed, controversial themes…

I am some one who looks forward to the Met and other red carpet events every year. They inspire me and I adore the designs and artistry that goes into each outfit. But I am aware of how pretentious and over the top they can be and often just used as marketing for brands and films but I cannot help it, I love them none the less.

Best Dressed 2018:

Blake Lively


I mean seriously! She can do no wrong! This I thought was the best outfit of the night for a few reasons: 1. It nailed the theme, 2. It is the most stunning design and so flattering for her figure, 3. The effort gone into the beading, embroidery and selection of materials is incredible! The hair and make up kept quite subtle (in comparison to many others) to make sure the dress was centre stage. It is just all round genius and I loved it!



Because no one can ever say dusky pink is a bad idea. I love this dress the design and the colour definitely angelic but I must say probably could have had more thought put into it to really capture the theme but the headpiece was definitely one of the best of the night beautiful design.

Kendall Jenner


I know… shocking Kendall Jenner is in my top pics but she is stunning and could make a paper bag look incredible. Very glam, sleek and virginal but again could have played around more with the theme but being a pretty angelic model is all you need when you are Kendall Jenner.

Kim Kardashian-West


I was in shock at Kim Ks look at the Met I normally hate her choices but this make up, hair and dress you can tell had a lot of thought put into it. It suited her shape and certainly captured that Tudor catholic extravagance with a modern day twist.

Gigi Hadid


Again I was surprised by liking Gigis outfit I am not normally a fan (team Perrie all the way) however you cannot deny this dress is all kinds of fabulous! The cut and design is so flattering and the colours are perfect for her skin tone and hair colour. Paired with a sleek long hairstyle and natural glam make up it all just works perfectly. The pattern I believe is supposed to look like angel wings but I also think it looks rather like stain glass windows. Either way I think it was a great take on the theme, subtle but hit the nail on the head.

Lili Reinhart


I couldn’t do a post about Met without featuring my favourite tv character at the moment. The design of this corset is the main feature and why I think it deserves some credit. The beading and embroidery almost looks like chainmale and the lovely reflective, shiny organza just epitomises Tudor decadence.

A Controversial Theme?

I grew up with a Catholic father (non practising but rest of the family are) and a Protestant Christian mother. I did have some thoughts towards the theme Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

Firstly, yes if this was another religion it would have made front page news for being cultural appropriation and all manner of opinions would be publicised about how it was totally inappropriate.

However, I strongly believe this whole cultural appropriation thing is misconstrued by the media and used to demonise one and other against religious beliefs and cultural identities. Instead I believe in celebrating each others uniqueness and heritage by going to museums, galleries and by learning about others cultures.

None of these celebrities, designers, actors, actresses were wearing anything offensive or using this to negatively shame any religion. It was a celebration of our history, of design and cultures changing in our world. The Pope officially supported the theme and even gave artefacts to the museum for the evening.

The media need to stop slandering everything as cultural appropriation and only use it when something has actually been demonised, vilified or mocked. That of course is not ok and should be brought to the publics attention.

Celebrities are becoming more aware of their public sway and Miley Cyrus was there promoting sustainable, cruelty free fashion and Selena Gomez used her voice to shout out about her beliefs and gratefulness. The media loves a negative headline instead let us try and see the good in this event; it raises loads of money for charity every year and celebrates fashion as an art form.

Sclub 7- did they influence a generation to question gender roles?

The Sclub 7 effect… Yes I do have a point to this rather random blog title although the idea struck me at 6am I think it’s still a valid idea.

I’m sure if your house was anything like mine dancing around to SClub 7 was pretty much a daily routine, putting shows on with friends and family and of course watching the very cheesy TV show was the highlight of my days.

But if you were deprived of the joys of growing up with this very unique band then let me give you the low down.


Sclub 7 as the name suggests was made up of 7 girls and boys who sang very very catchy songs such as reach for the stars, bring it all back and some other classics (I suggest you go and listen to for the full experience and appreciation of this post). Whilst their music made them famous and their songs were great, all about friendship and relationships and I guess were inspiring to many that isn’t what I’m going to talk about (maybe in another blog post, I can talk all day about Sclub and other 90s/00s music.

The success of their music came almost hand in hand with a number of TV series and even resulted in a pretty fantastic film 😂 These 20minutes consisted of your usual issue or problem that would be resolved and then sung about (yes what’s not to love). Think Glee but U rated and not set in a school. They went on tour which prompted various new locations such as Miami and I think Europe as they acted out their pursuit for fame while taking on some pretty gruelling and funny jobs to pay for it all.

And this is where I promise it gets interesting (I hope). The jobs taken on were often stereotyped as male or female jobs and yet Hannah was a great mechanic and Jo(female) was a real tomboy and the same for the boys some of them were weak phyisically and mentally or took on traditionally female traits. This switch in gender roles I believe created role models for young children, myself included, that made you truly believe you can be whoever you wanted to be.


Millennials (yes we are all sick of the word already but it isn’t going anywhere) get bad press lately probably because all the same sort of people are running the media and the large ageing population means there’s more old people to moan (which frankly they are entitled to and I hope to be a moany old lady one day, it gives young people drive to prove them wrong). But I don’t believe what they say about our generation of 20 something’s they were a driving force in the latest feminist wave and the strength they showed to march against gun violence in America was extraordinary.

Our generation has a lot to offer and that is only exacerbated when the gender roles are questioned and broken down it allows you to be creative with your identity and not feel you have to conform but rather express whatever you would like in your personality as we become more accepting, empathetic and connected than ever before. I think the first step could be the subject choices girls and boys choose at school, college and university where gender bias is extremely prevalent. It was never particularly questioned in school by teachers I was never encouraged to carry on with maths and science. The introduction of GIST & WISE has gone some way to bridge this gap along with the new feminist wave to help women. Unfortunately this ignores the problem of ‘lad culture’ and ‘the crisis of masculinity’ where boys feel they cannot choose certain subjects for being labelled all manner of things by their peers. It works both ways and both genders suffer when gender roles are instilled in the education system. Would you have made different subject choices if you hadn’t thought they were for girls or that was a class of all boys?

Rather than bringing a generation down and believing they can’t exceeded we need to shift our focus and inspire them (no I’m not suggesting we bring back Sclub 7) but we could shout more about the young people making a difference in their community, schools, universities and even countries there are so many success stories to choose from let’s start inspiring the next generation, break down more barriers and give the millennials a break.

Are there other areas of popular culture that defined and influenced this generation? Any other bands, tv shows or films that you can think of that contradict typical gender roles?

The Body Shop Must Haves

Back after a busy month or so… And as the acne struggle continues I drastically changed my skincare/make up routine.

I decided to strip back to basics.

I have ditched the exfoliants, the cleansers and Clinique products to give my skin a break and to try and gain some control once again. I find the worst thing to do to skin is using a million and one products from different brands it often just cancels out the effects of some of the products that are helping.


So I put away all the scrubs, make up, moisturisers I was using and ordered these products from The Body Shop after looking at various reviews and recommendations on Pinterest and Youtube.

They appealed due to the ethical and natural brand that is Body Shop. The wonderful benefits of vitamins to the skin can only be a good thing when I have dry and problematic skin.



The BB cream is very light a much lighter coverage than I normally wear but I think allowing my skin to breathe with the added tea tree benefits for inflamed and red skin is just what I need.

The Vitamin C liquid peel has been incredible in resurfacing my uneven texture caused by acne and left it feeling soft and plump again. I only use it once a week because I was warned not to use it too often and so while it was a little pricey it will last a long time.


Finally, the Vitamin E night cream is a really nice and light moisturiser before bed which feels soothing and quenching for the skin. So far found this combination of products to be great for my skin, we will see…

Would highly recommend all the products above, I have been  using them for two weeks and must say my skin is starting to look and feel better.

I’m Feeling 22

Been a crazy few weeks, well month basically.

I flew to Berlin on the 9th of Feb with my love for a quick weekend trip before Valentines Day and my birthday! It was amazing and so much better than any gift. Quality time exploring a new city, trying fab food and learning new things.


After that crazy weekend I kept the Birthday celebrations low key spent the morning brunching with Mum and then tea and cake with my Nan in the afternoon, it was perfect (until I had to go to work).


Busy week at work, followed by the best weekend.

I had my uni friends come and stay for the weekend and we just relaxed, watching the Winter Olympics, played board games and ate great food it was so much fun. I showed them around my town and took them to my favourite cafe. On Saturday night I had all my uni friends and home friends for a meal at one of the pubs in town and then back to mine for drinks and cake. I am so lucky, I have the sweetest friends who all made me feel so grateful and spoilt!

I love February, you are out of the January slump, Valentine’s day plus my birthday it’s always a good month for me and I feel so lucky.