New Year Goal Idea…

At this time of year everyone is talking New Years resolutions and plans for 2018. In my experience resolutions tend to last maybe a week tops. Instead, I like to set myself goals and ambitions for 2018 such as holiday destinations or small manageable targets.

One of the best new year goals everyone can do is to be more conscious about the impact we have on our planet. So think about putting some of these ideas into practice over the next year.

Top Tips for Helping Our Environmentrecycling

  1. Recycle (correctly), if you do not feel your local area does not have good enough recycling options for everyday living contact your MP and demand better options such as food waste, mixed recycling. There should be very little of your household waste going to landfill.
  2. Ditch the facewipes and any other single use/disposable products. Instead cotton wool pads and muslins are much better and often made from natural fibres.
  3. Invest in a reusable water bottle and a reusable coffee cup. Not only is this better for the environment but it is better for your health as well.
  4. Switch off unnecessary lights and get solar powered lights for the garden/footpaths/porches etc.
  5. Educate others- spread the word if you are passionate then people love to hear your  opinions.
  6. Do not by products that have microbeads in!
  7. Don’t burn waste
  8. Walk/Cycle instead of using the car or use public transport.Palm+oil+labelling
  9. Stop Consuming PALM OIL it is in everything but some will state if it is from  a sustainable source or not.
  10. Buy Local Produce/ Seasonal Produce/ Organic/ Free Range where you can this is often a luxury but particularly meat from better sources will be better for you as it is fresher, less additives, less processed etc.
  11. Donate Clothing, all charity shops will sell on your unwanted clothing and if it is not  in good condition will send it to recycling centres -better than binning it.


If everyone made small changes we could see a larger impact on sea levels rising, climate change, deforestation and a better understanding for future generations on how to respect our planet.


2017 Round Up

2017 brought with it the usual ups and downs.


The Instagram best nine perfectly sums up my year.

In February, I turned the ripe old age of 21! Had all my friends from home, uni, societies come to a house party which was one of the best nights of 2017 for me. We danced to Disney and classic cheesy 90s hits, ate so much food and played games. Felt so spoilt and cannot wait till my 22nd.

Easter- July was all assignments, dissertation writing, lectures and trying to hold it all together while working and volunteering. Only a few break downs later I did it. I handed all my assignments in and could finally breathe again. This was all made much easier by being apart of UOLEPC where we spent afternoons horse riding and Wednesday nights at our Union dancing to classics such as Foundations-Kate Nash. Couldn’t have asked to meet a nicer bunch of girls at University!

After an incident on a Hack, one speedy pony and me hitting the ground pretty hard I have spent 6 months getting back to fitness after doctors assumed I had a compression fracture to my thoracic spine. Made worse a month later by falling down the stairs (I promise I was sober, just clumsy). It totally knocked my confidence, made me put on weight and my stress levels were through the roof.  But it is a new year I am back fighting fit and I need a new aim for 2018.

I graduated from University after all the stresses and strains of assignments and dissertation writing. We celebrated with BBQs, parties and a fantastic holiday to Majorca with the people I started First Year in halls with. University has flown by and I have achieved so much personally as well as in my degree. But it is safe to say I have been there done that and time for something new. However I will miss living with my best friends, eating junk food, society socials and the relaxed lifestyle student life gives you.

Summer 2017 was one I will never forget. I went to Majorca with my friends form university. Budapest with my boyfriend and then Dorset for a week of activities and laughs with my girls from home. I love exploring these places and having quality time with the people I love.

2018 is going to involve a few more holidays which I will be arranging shortly- how exciting.

Autumn brought with it many challenges job hunting, starting a new job and balancing work, family, friends and seeing my boyfriend. But I have managed and I have learnt a lot and now can start the year a fresh with new career goals (the job hunt continues). But I can accept I needed this time off after being non stop at Uni for three years and then travelling most of summer. I have enjoyed getting back into hobbies I had forgotten at University, focussed on me and what makes me happy and having time with my friends from home now we have all moved back to Hertfordshire.

Winter was all fun and laughs with parties, festivities, snow days, our anniversary to name just a few highlights. And the perfect end to 2017.

2018 is going to be tough but rewarding I can tell.

So thank you 2017, it has been a mixture of emotions the whole year but focussing on the best bits and taking that positive energy into 2018.

Hope everyone has a fantastic 2018!


Winter Shoe Collection

Here is my must have Autumn/Winter shoes to have in your collection. Some pieces never go out of fashion and are worth investing in. For festive parties, I like to grab a bargain pair of heels around the £20 mark because I do not get as much wear out of them compared to a good pair of boots.

The Perfect Ankle Boot- Chelsea Style – £50


M & S the staple Chelsea Boots

Winter boots- now I stick to two rules by them bigger than any other shoe so you can get lots of warm thick socks squeezed in for those freezing winter outings. And secondly, I always try and buy quality real leather shoes (Vegans don’t hate me). I just find leather shoes last much longer, are more weather resistant and can be polished and buffed to make them look brand new again. These boots I have had for over a year and anyone who knows me, knows I live in them. They are so easy to slip on and go with any outfit. They have a small heel which I find much more comfortable than a flat sole. They were around the £50 mark and M & S just redesign and bring out a similar pair every year so I am sure you can find something very similar this season. They are worth the investment I can assure you.

Bad Weather Sorted with these Timberlands- £100

Oh the dreamy timberlands. I saved for these and Mum contributed to get them for my birthday I do not often buy anything this expensive but they are so so worth it! They are the perfect Winter activity shoe. I wear them walking, shopping and just about anywhere in bad weather. They are comfortable and warm but did take a little while to wear them in. I have had these for just over a year now and after putting suede spray + weather resistant spray on them I gave them a buff they look as good as new.

The Christmas Meal Shoe- £30

Boohoo- On ASOS

This is such a great day to night shoe which makes it perfect for the endless dinner parties over the festive period! Dress it down with jeans or up with a skirt they go with everything and dress up any outfit with a stylish edge. They are super comfy, while the heel looks tall it is a solid block and the slope is gentle making them comfortable to walk in. I went up a size so I can put an extra pair of socks on to make them more comfortable and warm. At only £30 and obviously, I bought them on ASOS so I got student discount as well this was a great investment pair of shoes. They are a fashion item but the simplicity means hopefully they won’t go out of fashion and look dated. The heeled ankle boot is everywhere this season so definitely worth grabbing a pair. There are loads to choose from either statement patterns, glittery or leather decide what you want them to go with and keep an eye out for sales and offers to get the most from your money.

Festive Party Shoes- All about textures and colours

 River Island- Yellow Suede

Were £45 now only £20 on Sale!

The all-important Christmas Party coming up I’ve got your shoes covered. These are super comfortable block heels in a soft suede. Add a pop of colour to a little black dress or clash with a sparkly number either way people will be talking about these gorgeous shoes. Not just great for Autumn winter but Spring/Summer as well with jeans to a BBQ or a lovely summer dress the perfect all year-round heel.

Newlook- Glitter Metallic- £20(ish)


Perfect NYE shoes!

I bought these last year and I didn’t realise how much I would wear them. Same as the Yellow style they are a comfortable block heel. They dress up any outfit and paired with a little black dress makes a perfect party outfit. You can find similar styles in Newlook, River Island and Topshop. A sparkly shoe is so worth investing in it is always on trend when Autumn/Winter comes around.





Wish List- I’m on the hunt for a lovely tan pair of ankle boots (Leather or Suede). I really want a new pair of boots in a colour other than black, which tends to be my go to. Any suggestions let me know, pop some links in the comments.


Clinique Review

So, I have just revamped my make-up bag with a selection of Clinique products I am loving right now. I have been looking to invest in a good tinted moisturiser with SPF. Clinique kept popping up in other people’s reviews so I went down to Debenhams where I found they had a great offer on, buy 2 products and get a make-up bag with selected samples of some of their best-selling products! It felt too good to be true.  I picked the Moisture Surge Tinted moisturiser and the 09 Beach Pop Matte Lipstick.

Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer – £24

This is a lovely and light tinted moisturiser. It keeps my face feeling hydrated all day. It offers a very light coverage that can be built on with concealer and powder for a fuller coverage. I have dry and acne prone skin and this seems to have really helped my breakouts! I also love that it has SPF15 in which is so important to include in your daily routine not just in the Summer months. Comes in 5 Shades but Clinique does seem to be for the fairer skin colours. Particularly, if you’re like me and even the lightest shades of most drugstore brands make you look orange, this is a great product to blend to your natural colour.

Would recommend.

Clinique Pop™ Matte Lip Colour + Primer – £16.50

Colour- 09 Beach Pop

Second to be judged, this lovely matte lipstick is a great Autumn/Winter Shade it’s not too bold but looks great day and night. Its smooth and silky to apply I assume down to the dual primer in it which I love. It doesn’t dry out your lips which I find some matte lipsticks can do. The staying power is probably not the longest but who doesn’t love a girly trip to the loos to reapply make up (and have a gossip)!

A must have for Day/Night in Autumn/Winter.


Free Samples:

Next up is my little collection of freebies, which I am very pleased with. It’s nice to try some other products out before making the plunge and buying the full-size versions.

Moisture Surge Moisturizer- £34

I have mixed feelings about this product. I have seen so many bloggers/influencers raving about how good this moisturizer is and so I was really looking forward to trying it. If you normally use a cream moisturizer this gel formula takes some getting used to. It is really soft to the touch and leaves a dewy glow throughout the day. If you prefer a matte finish this is not the product for you. If you have very dry skin and want a glow this is a great moisturizer. If you are not fond of splurging on moisturizer then I am not sure this is worth the price tag.


Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +- £30

I love this moisturizer it is £4 cheaper than moisture surge and it is a creamy texture. It gives a less dewy glow throughout the day, better for matte make up but still leaves skin soft and plenty moisturized. I will be buying the full-size version.


Rinse off foaming Cleanser Mousse- £17

This was an interesting cleanser. It foams up when you lather on and wash with water. Once you rinse this off your face it feels dry but not in a bad way just not soft or moisturised. It gives a great base to start the day getting rid of excess oil, dirt and make-up. I have been trying to use this morning and night and it has made a huge difference to my acne.


Pep-start Eye Cream- £22

This is short and sweet I am not keen on this eye cream it wasn’t the most moisturizing and I didn’t really notice much of a difference when I did or did not use it. I think there are other products in the market that make a much better eye cream particularly for the price tag.


High Impact Mascara- £18

This is a good mascara for volume more so than lengthening. It is a lovely dark black and easy to apply. I have barely ever smudged it or felt it wasn’t lasting throughout the day. It looked natural and not clumpy. It was easy to build for a more dramatic evening look. Great purchase especially for the price.


01 Nude Pop Lipstick- £16.50

This is a good everyday lipstick but the colour is very nude and has a slight gloss. It didn’t have much staying power. The other colours are better though so it isn’t the lipstick just this shade I wasn’t a fan of.


Shortly after posting my Clinique purchases my boyfriend’s Mum gave me some Clinique products she’s had for ages and never used. So, I got to try even more products, what a win!

 7 Day Scrub Cream- £21

This is one of the nicest exfoliating scrubs I have ever used. Because I have dry and acne prone skin I tend to only exfoliate once/twice a week. This is so gentle and leaves your skin feeling super soft. As I do not use this that often I think buying the full-size tube would last a long time and make a good investment.

Lipstick Dual Shade

As you can tell from the packaging this is an old design lipstick and I do not know why they haven’t brought this back the colour is divine and has a slight shine. It is going to be my go to Christmas shade.


You can find all these products here:

Also keep an eye out in department stores for offers or sites like Feel Unique.

Lip Stick


This photo shows just a small selection of colours of lipsticks from drug store brands. It is almost impossible to decide on what colour to choose and whether you want matt or a bit of a sparkle. I was looking for a day to night colour and went with Rimmel Londons Heather Shimmer 066 (far right in the photo). It is compact and easy to apply which is perfect for my rushed mornings or when I’m running late for a night out. While I am happy with the purchase at only £4.99, it is more of a night out colour than everyday, so if you are looking for a casual colour I would suggest a nude pink in a creamier gloss colour.

Hello world!

First ever blog post so bare with me. I’m Emily,  I’m 19 years old and this blog is for all things fashion, fitness, food and photography. I love baking, shopping and travelling so this will give me a chance to share with you all the fun things you can get up to while being a student.

Hope you enjoy 🙂